"Danny, Dougie and Harry are literally my best friends. I don’t go out with anyone else. I don’t call anyone else." - Tom Fletcher

"Being a McFly fan means knowing that there is no end. We are here forever.” - Tom Fletcher.


'Producing the next McFly album is a massive responsibility. But my heart beats faster with excitement every time I think about it. It feels like we're embarking on the next stage of our career. A stage where it's all about music. None of us are in any doubt that our best stuff is still to come.' - Danny Jones.

Title: POV/She falls asleep (Part 2)/Down Goes Another One
Artist: McFLY
Played: 289 times


POV+She falls asleep (Part 2)+Down Goes Another One Mash-up

-Keep Calm and Play Louder Tour 2012.

About “Down Goes Another One" (Radio:ACTIVE, 2008), Tom Fletcher said: “The song is about the boy in the relationship with the girl from the Wonderland’s She Falls Asleep(2005). It’s meant to be heart-felt.” 

Credits: dougiecore

Danny had arranged a five-course meal and had the engagement ring hidden under the table. He asked Georgia when she wanted to get married. She replied, "Well, when you bloomin’ propose." , And then he said "What about if I do it now?" With that, she put her head in her hands, started bawling and when she looked up he was down on one knee in front of her, with tears billowing out of his eyes, and said, "Will you be my future Mrs. Jones?".


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mcfly fans are selfish but they’re right: mcbusted is a horrible long-term idea



(okay before we start, let me just stay i study music business at NYU and that’s not really me saying i’m smarter than everyone else who has an opinion on mcbusted—i’m definitely not, especially being in america where they are not even an entity, but it may give this argument a different perspective)

there are some rumors that mcbusted is going to be more of a permanent band than a sideproject, which is coming as shock for a lot of people. if this is what’s going to happen… i have some thoughts.

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i got a paragraph in and this wonderful person has outlined everything i’ve been trying to say about mcbusted since the get go, A+ and all the awards for you. i think mcfly, busted & their management need to have a good read of this.

'And so, finally, we were a band. I had just turned eighteen. Danny and Harry were seventeen. Dougie was fifteen. Four young guys, completely unknow but with the feeling that something was just around the corner'. - Tom Fletcher.